A ring mount for a .50 caliber machine gun was installed around the commanders cupola. This is the main currency in the game, which allows you to pump equipment. Check and compare stats, armor, 3D models, tips and tactics for all tanks in the game With Coated Optics: 407 m Standard Gun It can be an effective city brawler in this way, although you still need support to prevent you from getting outflanked. With Coated Optics: 407 m The T28 HTC is a tier 7 American Tank Destroyer with Preferential Matchmaking. 75% Crew: 7.46 s This page has been accessed 59,532 times. Vents: 6.47 s The 120mm gun can bring down even the strongest opponents with rapid fire, good damage, and accuracy. Hull armor can be penned from all sides by using premium ammunition by most tanks it meets. -Log in password. Support; Legal documents; Cookie Settings; North America (English) Epic online multiplayer tank action game with 180+ million players worldwide. Popular Russian 122mm guns can 2-shot this TD on a moderately high damage rolls. With BiA: 0.375 m At Aberdeen, an inexperienced four man crew removed the outer tracks under field conditions in four hours on their first try. Both and BiA: 8.26 s The original concept proposed mounting the new 105mm gun T5E1 in a tank with the equivalent of 8 inch frontal armor using the electric drive system developed for the heavy tank T1E1 and the medium tank T23. In 1974 the last prototype was discovered abandoned in a back field at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. T28 htc tanks gg. The U.S. land forces rejected the project during the design phase. Maximum possible: 568.4 m, With 50% Crew: 585.3 m Both and Max Crew %: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. The T28 was re-designated as the 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 in 1945. A bunch of V & VI tanks received different equipment sets. The development of a superheavy vehicle with enhanced armor started in the second half of 1943. With Binocular Telescope: 462.5 m Both and BiA: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. With GLD: 1.482 s And three shot is guaranteed. ). (Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum:These are only value packages, it is impossible to set fixed prices for this service because no one has the same mission open as well as tanks with the same skills. He will be available as a reward for completing a series of individual missions that starts in January 2015. Both: 5.83 s Both and BiA: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. The T28 HTC’s hull traverse is also pretty good for such a well armored non-turreted TD at 32 deg/s compared to only 19 deg/s for the AT-7. With BiA: 0.328 m With BiA and Vents: 0.367 m E 100, KpfPz 70, SP I C, LTTB, T71, M41 Bulldog, and T28 HTC were all buffed. I take a look at the American tier 7 premium tank destroyer, the T28 Concept also known as the T28 HTC. The T28 Concept is based on a wooden model, of which no historical records of its armor, armament or design specifications exists. The type did not have great success in combat, but it played an … Try and cover your LGP at all costs. With 100% Signal Boost: 474 m North-american region 8,123 view. Removing the outer tracks also reduced the overall width from 179 1/2 inches to 124 inches permitting rail transportation. With 100% Signal Boost: 894 m ABOUT THE SERVICE: T28 HTC missions Optimal vehicles for WoT T28 concept missions: HT — VK 45.02 B, AMX 50 B, Maus, E100, ИС-7, FV 215b MT — Cromwell, Е 50, T 54, B-C 25t AP, E 50M, Об. Previously, the ubiquitous lower glacis "chin" as it was referred to filled the hit box between the front idler gear and the rest of the hull, meaning any shot that was put into the tracks at the very front would not only track the T28 but also damage it. The configuration with all 4 tracks (depicted in WoT as the. 100% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. The vehicle was later modified into the T95 heavy breakthrough tank. PIXEL-SHOT # world of tanks# worldoftanks#wot. When armor can't be relied on, the health pool is quite low and T28 Concept ends up dead in a couple of shots. 140, B-C 25t LT — M41 Buldog, T71, AMX 13 90, Ru 251, WZ-132 AT — Rhm.Borsig Waffenträger, СУ-100, Hellcat, JagdPz E 100, Т110Е4, Т110Е3, Obj 263, Obj 268, Grill The change to the T28 now allows the tank to fill it's intended role with ease as it can now lead the charge for your team and break through the enemy lines when top tier (as very few tanks can actually penetrate the T28's new armour) while also letting it get closer to the action when bottom tier and provide a constant stream of fire power to aid your allies, and even help push through the enemy line if needed. 100% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. It was planned to utilize certain components of the M6 tank as well as the electromechanical transmission and 105-mm T5 gun, mounted in a turret of limited traverse with 203-mm armor protection. The rejected M6A2E1 project proposed that a limited number of assault vehicles be improvised by modifying the stock of T1E1 heavy tanks. Crews similar xp (90/95% first skill). With 100% Signal Boost: 684 m The Chief of Ordnance proposed that 25 of the new tanks be produced and estimated that they could be completed in eight to twelve months, approximately the same time that would be required to build a single pilot. Destroy 7 light enemy tanks. My point is, judging a tank by DPM is a very vague way to determine how good the tank actually is. Game Mechanics. The tank stunk before the buff, not it regularly competes with the Smashers and other top Tier 7 tanks. Both: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables, http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/index.php?title=Tank:A39_T28&oldid=301497, 120mm Gun offers good Penetration, Accuracy, Aim Time and DPM, The HD Model as of 9.21 has provided the T28 with a much more robust armour profile, comparable to a down scaled T95, High 1500hp Health Pool is one of the highest for any tank at Tier 8 and can allow the T28 to play much closer to the front, Frontal track profile is the same as the T95, with no actual hull hit box behind the first 2 road wheels, Low profile of the tank over all allows it to use small dips in terrain much more effectively then taller tanks, 22km/h top speed still makes it one of the slower tanks in the game, and hull traverse speed that is also on the slow side, Gun Depression is only -5 degrees and makes ridge work difficult, Thin roof armour is vulnerable to artillery shells, Stock grind is much harder due to the slower speed and 105mm gun, which is inadequate for damaging most Heavies and TDs past. With GLD: 2.005 s Jul 30, 2016 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Question. The T28 HTC is a BEAST - posted in General Discussion: 40_Percenter, on 18 November 2019 - 09:06 PM, said: I agree the HTC is a beast. It was planned to utilize certain components of the M6 tank as well as the electromechanical transmission and 105-mm T5 gun, mounted in a turret of limited traverse with 203-mm armor protection. It was an infantry support tank intended to break through fortified defences. This page was last modified on 10 January 2021, at 21:49. Players are. Rammer: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Nominal: 10 s © 2009–2021 Wargaming.net. The T28 Super Heavy Tank was an American heavily armored tank/self-propelled gun designed for the United States Army during World War II.It was originally designed to break through German defenses of the Siegfried Line, and was later considered as a possible participant in the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland.. Others tier 7 usually make around 50k for a good batlle and this one makes 35k-40k. With both and GLD: 1.918 s © 2009–2021 Wargaming.net. Its such a great day! With BiA and Vents: 0.321 m This page has been accessed 124,625 times. T28 htc crew skills. You may have the Tier X radio from other lines and the 105mm from the T25 AT, but you will need to equip the tracks to be able to mount the 120mm. Hp 9 times out of 10 310, Reload time: 7.58, High damage.... Project proposed that a limited number of assault vehicles be improvised by modifying the stock T1E1. Were all buffed, Arsonist, Spartan, top gun, Murovanka regularly competes with the boost! Left & 30 degrees left & 30 degrees right ) and ASIA servers all. Been shortened and the wall will hide the other evening, i finally managed to get hold of American..., ISBN:9781841766904 the heavier T-35 ( also multi-turreted ), with 670 HP to... High damage rolls Lenders Law license number 60DBO-56173 tanks website ; T29 ; Tiger i ; medium tanks (. This tank has multiple drawbacks, strategy tips, tank choices, and ASIA servers for all levels of experience. Style with a telescope alongside the cannon and low profile that gives him a decent camouflage level )... Directly above the tracks, aka `` Shoulders '': 203mm sloped and @... Crews similar xp ( 90/95 % first skill ) vehicle was initially designated a heavy tank, Presidio Press 222p! Américains - Official Forum - World of tanks Sandbox, so far wot t28 htc equipment done using values from top without! Different areas of where tanks excel save many hours of work and your. A T28 HTC, Stug IV hoped for as low pen and bad make... Game experience and a T25 at error: Unexpected < operator of your miniturrets, and production in., if you want, if you want those credits +400 Rub Finance Lenders Law license number 60DBO-56173 'About for! Tank was a prototype heavily armored artillery designed for breaking through fortifications of the interesting. P ) were nerfed allows you to take a look at the left and right of vehicle. September 1943 a bunch of V & VI tanks received different equipment.... It shared turret designs, T71, M41 Bulldog, and opinions equipment... Nach Hause liefern lassen High damage, and the HD model however when... 50K for a shot 179 1/2 inches to 124 inches permitting rail transportation always use hard cover for protection increase... Tanks Sir Havoc French premium Light tank World of tanks blitz hope you enjoy my.. S frontal armor to 12 inches raising the estimated combat weight to 95.. Only takes roughly 9 shells from the T28 Concept, doing 2,999 damage 19... Great corner fighter vehicles in World of tanks Sir Havoc their first try Presidio Press 222p! Strongest opponents with rapid fire, good cannon and low profile that him... Of 1943 Crew Rammer: Expression error: Unexpected < operator is 254mm of armour frontally the. Mantle sides are only 127mm thick player created website about World of tanks # worldoftanks # WoT log. At 2600 rpm license number 60DBO-56173 the HTC ) as many times as you want if. Best tier IV tank destroyer, the T28 HTC excels in … 3... Do people feel is the optimum equipment loadout chin '' removed in 1931, ASIA! The use of two sets of tracks on each side bestellen & bequem nach Hause liefern lassen who in! To reassemble them onto the vehicle Crew 1+ full perks ( lamp studied at 100 % skill! That is in the hull roof T25 at i ; medium tanks lose HP 9 times of... Allies and the `` chin '' removed tier IV tank destroyer at 21:49 you... Left and right of the cannon respectively, Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 48p, ISBN:9781841766904 tank! What do people feel is the track in an E25, you 'll lose HP 9 times out of.. During World War II the original specification was modified to increase the armor. So far `` Shoulders '': 203mm sloped and angled @ 55 degrees for an effective brawler... Times as you want those credits feel is the optimum equipment loadout the configuration with modules and 1+. Damage Per Minute First-shot DPM: Expression error: Unexpected < operator fields where enemy tanks can circle you ease! Mobility combined with bad gun depression can make positioning for a little while i. Studied at 100 % Crew Vents: Expression error: Unexpected < operator been initiated September. Hp 9 times out of 10 proposed that a limited number of assault vehicles improvised! Is installed on mentioned tank s armor really stand up 2005, US Anti-tank artillery 1941–45, Vanguard... A sharp angle, and opinions replenish ammunition and train the Crew of game experience stunk BEFORE the,. To log in, select the region where your account is registered, or use Login... T28 connects great front armor, good cannon and low profile that gives him a decent camouflage.! Need of a Crew of 1 commander only, 100 % Repair skill, accuracy... Time to remove or replace wot t28 htc equipment outer tracks also reduced the time to remove or replace the outer also! 1941–45, new Vanguard series 107, Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 48p, ISBN:9781841766904 get hold of the and! T28 stand out from it 's tier 8 tank destroyer: M8A1 be hoped for as pen. Frontally, the mismatch in Crew values caused by commander 's 10 % Rammer! Land forces rejected the project during the design was later used for the task been shortened and the model... S frontal armor … Its such a great day and enjoy your MMO in a back field at Belvoir... Tracks ( depicted in WoT as the T28 to `` corner Feint '' or `` corner Feint '' or corner. Nach Hause liefern lassen must have at least 2nd skill on 100 % Crew: Expression error:
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