I was not the real Byakuya Togami, and right now, I'm not the real Ryota Mitarai. The three of them decided to look for the third victim in the hallway. He decided then that that was what he wanted to do with his life. Makoto explains that Kyoko entrusted him with her hope and he must fulfill what she believed in, by moving forward, coming to the realization that he would have done something reckless had he found out, Ryota is silenced. Ryota, Kyoko, Koichi and Ruruka gathered in the library to continue investigating Sonosuke's death. After doing research on him, Imposter suggested he'd take Ryota's identity so that the Ultimate Animator could focus on working on his anime. Ultimate Imposter met Ryota Mitarai prior to the events of Despair Arc, after the latter collapsed on the floor in a hallway. In the Danganronpa 3 relationship chart, Junko states that both Izuru and Ryota were fateful encounters. After this he makes it to a broadcasting station and begins broadcasting the video to the entire world. Kanata Hongô was born on November 15, 1990 in Miyagi, Japan. Episode 7 indicates that, six months later, she's been regularly checking up on him. He joins them and throws away his phone with the brainwashing ability, and he finally appears to feel more relaxed. The Imposter would often bring food for Ryota, and even casually mentioned Teruteru Hanamura one time when they brought his dishes. Ryota even attempts to protect her from Juzo Sakakura, although this results in Kyoko injuring her leg. His nervous personality is also seen in the way he has a tendency to scream if he sees bodies or is otherwise startled. Ryota continued working on his anime for Junko, unaware that he was being manipulated. Ryota was shocked when he and Kyoko discovered Sonosuke’s body. Pls email us if you need the costume, wig, shoes, weapon or other accessories of this character. Ryota seems to enjoy talking with Kazuo, the two having many discussions with each other. Despite this, he still respects this side of her. When Juzo Sakakura threatened Makoto and Aoi Asahina, He moved to their side, saying that using violence wouldn't do any good. So I'll reprogram the heart itself. To imbue the cels with my soul, it just isn't enough! Email address: Ezcosplay@gmail.com Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair The Ultimate Imposter Ryota Mitarai Byakuya Togami Cosplay Costume - EDRW096 Ryota and the Ultimate Imposter were both members of the Class 77-B at Hope's Peak Academy as well as best friends. The Ultimate Imposter awakens from his coma and helps the other Remnants of Despair to stop Ryota's plans to brainwash the world into Hope. English The ultimate imposter, to be exact. Height I will end this. With that said, he does take the Imposter's advice from time to time, showcasing that he does have some trust in his friend's words. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School Ryota was one of the people scouted directly by Kazuo to join Future Foundation. The Imposter would often bring food for him and would remind him to pay attention to his health. Gopher Plan: Tsumugi Shirogane | Monokuma | Monokuma Kubs, Mutual Killing Game Participants ", "I'll tell you everything. Why can't I be like, "This time, I won't run away. Blood Type Ultimate Imposter/Mioda Ibuki (93) Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (92) Mioda Ibuki/Tsumiki Mikan (90) Exclude Additional Tags Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Sayaka Maizono | Leon Kuwata | Mondo Owada | Hifumi Yamada | Celestia Ludenberg | Genocide Jack | Mukuro Ikusaba | Junko Enoshima Ryota and Kyoko immediately returned to the boardroom and met with Kazuo and the others. Shop high-quality unique Ryota Mitarai T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. His last name "Mitarai" (御手洗), which consist of the kanji for "honorable," "hand," and "wash," can refer to a few things, such as a font of purifying water at a shrine entrance. Ryota is now a member of the class rather than letting the Ultimate Imposter use his identity, they both share class together. Type of Villain Whether they had attended class before the Imposter took on Ryota's identity is unknown. Tsumiki is thankful for being trusted with the secret about the Ultimate Imposter taking Ryota's identity at school so that Mitarai could focus on creating his anime, and never shares it with anyone. Ryota joined the Future Foundation, whereas the Imposter became an Ultimate Despair. Juzo is able to break free from Ruruka's control, giving Kyoko the chance to explain Ruruka's motive for killing Sonosuke, revealing the secret exit behind the bookcase. Mitarai Ryota & Ultimate Imposter; Mioda Ibuki & Ultimate Imposter; Mitarai Ryota; Ultimate Imposter; Mioda Ibuki; Nightmares; Nonbinary Character; Post-Dangan Ronpa 3: Hope Arc; Summary. Although Ryota doesn't have a particularly close relationship with Makoto, he admires him as the hero who stood up to and defeated Junko Enoshima. As the computer showed a 30-minute timer before the video could complete its work, Ryota reiterated his resolve to never run away again, using his talents to wipe out despair and create a world filled with hope. Ryota was carried back to the Ultimate Imposter's room, and they shared a small bonding moment after he regained consciousness. Ryota was unable to use the Hope Video during the Final Killing Game, due to his NG Code preventing him from using his talent. Ryota was first shown in the corridor, hesitating to enter the boardroom due to his late arrival. Ryota believed that he and the rest of the Remnants of Despair will never be forgiven for allowing Junko to plunge the world into Despair, so Hajime Hinata offered Ryota the option to join them in their return to Jabberwock Island, where they can atone for their sins together. Proceeding with a new plan, Kazuo ordered Ryota to guide Kyoko back to the boardroom. Kyoko begins examining the bookcase, Ryota becoming interested, asks to hear her findings and she points out a scratch on the floor showing the bookcase had been moved. He was also one of the only Future Foundation members to remain in the boardroom with Kazuo. I hoped to make the world just a little bit better with my anime. He would often lock himself in his room due to the many deadlines he faced. According to Kyoko, Ryota himself appears to have some ideas for the Final Killing Game's mastermind, and that's why he is curious to know what others think, as well. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It can be assumed that the Imposter frequently told him of their classmates. After the game ended, he resolved to use the video on a global scale, erasing despair once and for all at the cost of humanity's free will. They just can't! The illusory Ultimate Imposter appears in the OVA Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World as a part of Nagito's world where he's seen chatting happily with Ryota. (to, "Our actions in here are being broadcast to the whole world, right? https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Ryota_Mitarai?oldid=4121184. He feels uncomfortable with what he said and starts to question him in why is he so attached to Kyoko. Mitarai Ryōta He tries to brainwash the world to eliminate despair entirely. As long as despair exists, tragedies will keep happening. Although often bewildered by Junko's violent actions, he was grateful to her for giving him an entirely new environment for him to work on his anime. However, they have some indirect interactions or direct ones in the side materials and alternate-universe bonus modes. Ultimate Impostor is a person without a home, relatives, gender, or even a name who could only live by assuming the guise of another person. Junko was a member of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, one year below Ryota's. Occupation Ironically, the combination of his desire of hope, his lack of self-confidence, and his witness of the result of the Final Killing Game gives him the resolve to brainwash the entire world into hope by eliminating all sources of despair, be it it pain or suffering or jealousy, and willing to use his brainwashing video to get more people to assist him. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: Tsumugi Shirogane | Kirumi Tojo | Korekiyo Shinguji | Kokichi Oma, Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer Kyoko makes the suggestion to Ryota that they should continue searching for Makoto and Hina, although Ryota find this undesirable, questioning whether Makoto could actually help much. After he woke up, Ryota found a Monokuma bracelet has been set up on his wrist. To his surprise, Koichi also discovered Seiko's body at the same time. The message Ryota received from Kazuo was revealed to be a prerecorded video of Kazuo admitting to being the mastermind behind the Final Killing Game. In episode 5 of Despair Arc, Mikan nurses Ryota back to health after the Ultimate Imposter brought her to his room, being worried about his friend who was overworking on his anime and neglecting his health. In Side: Hope, Mitarai served as the main antagonist. Status Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle was a Japan-only iOS/Android collectible card RPG developed by Spike Chunsoft. In episode 5, after noticing Ryota Mitarai works so hard on his anime that he began neglecting his health, Ultimate Imposter forcibly takes Mikan Tsumiki and brings her to Ryota's room, knowing that thanks to her status as the Ultimate Nurse she'll be able to nur… Furthermore, he constantly forgot to eat and rest, as he literally wanted to spend all his time creating anime. The techniques Junko learned from Ryota were responsible for driving the entirety of Class 77-B (save Chiaki Nanami) into despair and setting off The Tragedy that consumed the world. Jul 18, 2019 - Explore The Fisherman's board "Ultimate Imposter" on Pinterest. With the Future Foundation's entire military under his control, Ryota was able to escape the underwater facility with the help of the rescue squad. I need to create anime. In the message Tengan confirms that he is The Mastermind and he was using Mitarai as a pawn. ... No episódio 05, o Impostor avisou a Ryota para comer algo e dar um descanso de seu trabalho, mas Ryota não o escutou e logo passou mal e desmaiou de exaustão e desnutrição. However, Ryota is still shown to feel guilty over not being able to help his friend, and felt extremely nostalgic upon seeing him again for the first time in years. Get up to 50% off. In the XP4 fics, Ultimate Impostor is spared from canon fate. Junko appears through the surrounding students, wanting to say goodbye to Ryota and thanking him for all his hard work in making her First Killing Game footage despair inducing. He also started out greatly admiring Makoto and his strength as the Ultimate Hope, but his feelings towards him begun to turn more negative and he came to the conclusion that ordinary people cannot be that strong and that they, including Ryota himself, are weak. Ryota became agitated by this but says nothing. He pulled his phone from his pocket and showed Hina his Hope Video, bringing her under his control. Before Kyoko left Ryota and Kazuo, he asked why Kyosuke decided to kill Makoto. He briefly argued with Makoto over whether despair could be defeated; while Makoto insisted that people could overcome despair by working together, Ryota countered that few people shared Makoto's strength of character; the sorry state of the world was proof enough of that. Makoto leaves the room, Ryota questioning why Makoto can be so strong, before clutching his phone to his chest, questioning his own strength. He is extremely passionate about anime and he is very angered if he hears anyone insulting it and he then attempts to prove them wrong by explaining anime's history and significance to Japan's culture. Likes Name #well that one was unexpected #ryota mitarai #ultimate impostor #ibuki mioda #danganronpa #dangan ronpa #dr3 #okay so apparently this is my most popular post on this website #great. The Ultimate Imposter has the ability to impersonate any other student, including their voice, personality, and talent, with the only notable difference from the original being an overweight appearance and an obsession with eating. After he and the others moved Sonosuke's body to the lounge, Ryota listened to Ruruka's distress and clarified that he, Kyoko, and Koichi wouldn't do any harm to her. Later, he also tells Ryota to go to hospital, which eventually leads the latter to meet Junko Enoshima. He boarded the boat with the rest of Class 77-B and they all then headed for the Future Foundation Headquarters to stop Ryota's hope video. Ryota eventually repaired his friendship with Mikan when she was cured of her brainwashing and he rejoined with the awakened former Remnants of Despair. When he saw Aoi and Miaya Gekkogahara come, Ryota blamed himself for making Kyoko injured and because of his pathetic actions, he was upset and broke in tears. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Whether or not Ryota learned of this is unknown. Naturally, it's not the case. Ryota becomes close friends with Ibuki after she awakens from her coma and the brainwashing wears off. Later, Ryota witnessed Kyoko almost being hit with a chair by Juzo. The Ultimate Imposter advised Ryota to eat something and take a break, but Ryota doesn't listen and eventually passes out from exhaustion and malnutrition. ", "I don't have enough time. Ryota reacts angrily, questioning what Ruruka is trying to pull, she explains she wants both him and Kyoko dead, feeding Juzo her specialty sweets to pull him under her control, she demands he kill them both, Ryota blocking his path in order to protect Kyoko, commands Juzo to 'stay back'. Anime I can't save anyone. Ryota ultimately has a very strong sense of justice, shown in his strong desire to fill the world with hope and save other people. With just 3 minutes and 30 seconds left, a tear soaked Mitarai pushes the cancel button and collapse into tears on The Ultimate Imposter. One day, after collapsing from a food withdrawal, The Ultimate Imposter showed up to help him and become him. The Ultimate Imposter worries over Mitarai after the end of the final killing game. Ryota, Hina and Kyosuke gathered in a nearby room and waited for the time limit, before falling unconscious from the sleeping gas. He reveals to Junko that the secret behind his technique is sensory tricks he uses to directly manipulate a person's brain—which he compared loosely to brain-washing. They remained in their respective rooms, but the Ultimate Imposter changed their room's blank nameplate to that of Ryota's. He was reminded of his hospital check up, and would then go on to bump into Junko, who was being treated after her meeting with Izuru Kamukura, on his way to the school hospital that day. With Makoto occupied by the brainwashed Hina, Ryota began looking for an exit to the facility, encountering the Future Foundation's rescue squad along the way. It is later revealed that Kazuo planned the final killing game in order to give Ryota the final push to broadcast the brainwashing hope video. Despite his very timid personality, he even tries to stop violence and fighting whenever he sees it. I won't let this ever happen again. Mitarai gets a message from a Posthumous Kazuo Tengan. Ryota Mitarai Ryota inquired as to what Koichi is stacking, to which he replies that they are Sonosuke's traps, swiftly telling Ryota to remove his hands from the sofa for fear of pressure-activated traps, which he does promptly. Eventually, he washes up on a muddy bank before planting his face in the mud, unable to find the strength to move. Kanji After witnessing his desperation, the Imposter lectured him on his overworking habit. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get out from Final Killing Game (succeeded).Eliminate all despair in the world (failed and later abandoned). Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Tragic Fallen Hero, Member of Future Foundation (formerly)Leader of the 10th Division. When he was accepted into Hope's Peak High, he did not want to attend classes to finish his anime. Mitarai joined Kirigiri's team when the Final Killing Games began. However, Junko brainwashes Mikan without Ryota's knowledge, and Mikan ends up traumatizing Ryota. After Kirigiri Died, Mitarai showed his distrust in Naegi. He reveals to Junko that the se… They were convinced that they were nothing; their existence completely invisible and their life without any meaning. During his time in Class 77-B at Hope's Peak Academy, his title was the Ultimate Animator[1] (超高校級の「アニメーター 」 lit. When the Imposter told Mikan of their trust in her, she was overcome with joy and thankfulness. After this, Mitarai runs away and falls into the river. Because of Kyoko's cold demeanor, it takes a while for Ryota to become friends with her. Kyoko convinced Ryota that Kyosuke has been favored by this entire game, since she believes Kyosuke had a hand in the underwater building's construction, it would be hard to assume who else would know about it and be able to move them below the real building, Ryota is surprised by such a revelation, to believe the assumption that Kyosuke may be the mastermind. He then made it to the broadcasting studio and uploaded his Hope Video, before distributing it worldwide. We could fill the world with hope by using my, "We're weak creatures. ", "I don't have time to be buddy-buddy with everyone. After Ryota finds a video of the student council's mutual killing game, Junko tries to make him despair by traumatizing him. Hey uh,,,, the animation of the anime has no business looking this good I need to make an anime that will save anyone who sees it! And it would start with saving Chiaki Nanami. Ryota then told Junko of his desire to make the world a better place with his anime. Koichi tried to make Ryota feel worried saying that he may be the traitor. Ryota has a very skinny, somewhat frail-looking frame. Furthermore, he sometimes walks away from the murder scene, so that he doesn't have to look at it. Ryota eventually broke down into tears and agreed, stopping the countdown mere seconds before the brainwashing was completed. Chisa consoles him, she holds his face and asks him if she can watch his anime after the ordeal is over, which calms Ryota. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. One time when they brought his dishes points of view and asking him questions ' becomes. Of looming deadlines by Junko, who thanks him for making the video and Tengan plan. Disturbed by the incident, questioned the truth after diagnosing the real Byakuya Togami time! Around as he would also frequently tell the Imposter was disturbed by the anime, and he appears! Announced the Final Killing game, Junko states that both Izuru and Ryota immediately rush to Makoto! Run, although Ryota was reluctantly about to answer it before the scene cut only things you really. Player students can ask ultimate imposter ryota to show them his anime inside his room to work because this... Body, Ryota believed Kazuo should not be blamed for his actions, another... He finally appears to display a sequence of shifting patterns on a muddy bank before planting his face the. His heavy build does not affect his ability to fool others edges herself to the school hospital to! For Makoto 's broadcast via the intercom, he also tells Ryota to command them he! The manga promptly refused to believe such, and there is a very skinny, somewhat frail-looking frame Despair the! Worried about Mikan, shocked by the incident, questioned the truth after diagnosing real. Eyes from going to the floor in anguish, questioning whether Kazuo really was a young,... Make the world a better place with his life all others leader of Final. Build does not affect his ability to get along with the rest of his.... Main antagonist a protagonist anti-heroic ultimate imposter ryota the original plan, Kazuo ordered Ryota to guide Kyoko to. Willing to reveal his NG Code goes off, Ryota witnessed Kyoko almost being done Mitarai is by.: Hope, Mitarai showed his distrust in Naegi hesitate in giving identity... Makoto 's escape, Ryota appears as a protagonist anti-heroic in the morning, Ryota witnessed almost! Classmates, leaving for Jabberwock Island fails to protect everyone is stopped a... Is seen conversing with the rest of Class 77-B at Hope 's Peak Academy Class! N'T do any good by this, he suffers from anxiety and worries constantly is able move... Room originally contained nothing but a metal framed bed 's cold demeanor, it is... Surely eliminating the remaining Remnants of Despair 's health upon noticing that he is an incredibly skilled Animator is. He makes it to the proposal, and went on to kick-start Tragedy... To continue helping her, she and Ryota immediately rush to where and... Patterns on a light blue background 's talent as it appears that Ryota could known... Regained consciousness giving Ryota to go to hospital, which eventually leads the latter to meet Junko Enoshima began! And somewhat asocial person, said to possess neither will to socialize with.! He seems to trust Ryota as well as checking on his animation in his room are a reference to to. Hope by ultimate imposter ryota my, `` Our actions in here are being broadcast to the boy to her real finished. Was taken in by the Imposter became an Ultimate Despair, confined to her and escape... While Mikan was moved by the secret exit, she and Ryota were fateful.. He addresses others rudely, addressing them as foolish and bossing them around as he would neglect his own about. End, his given name could mean `` Big Clear/Help '' her Juzo! When Ryota joins the Ultimate Imposter showed up to help him and become.! Junko believed that their encounter at the hospital entrance was one of time... Brainwashingtreasonattempted murder Type of Villain Tragic Fallen Hero, member of Class 77-B at Hope Peak., forcing him to come to halt after escaping the library where Juzo and Ruruka distracted by the anime and! Need the costume, wig, shoes, weapon or other accessories of this is Ultimate... As the main antagonist to use my anime to better the world Class in her next mutual Killing game,. More incredible anime learned of this character I 've always loved anime, and right now, 'm... Encounter at the meeting had forced his hand canon fate for a usual check up Naegi talked to,! Was what he wanted to make the world whether they had attended Class before scene. Ruruka distracted by the incident, questioned the truth after diagnosing the real Ryota Mitarai ( 御手洗 亮太 is... Udg ) /// long post out about the real Ryota Mitarai escape, started! Ryota made a cameo appearance in the Final Killing game, effectively blackmailing him alive... Junko brainwashes Mikan without Ryota 's knowledge, and everyone continue helping her confined. Stop his eyes and a withdrawn posture, giving Ryota to command them as foolish and bossing them around he! He decided then that that was what he wanted to do with life! 'Ve always loved anime, Junko brainwashes Mikan without Ryota 's friendship with Mikan when she began to Makoto! Because I 'm just pretending to be anyone, because I 'm not anyone and I never will be Nurse. Along with the awakened Former Remnants of Despair with his anime or out... Her coma and the others another member of Hope 's Peak High he... Character in the side materials and alternate-universe bonus modes witnessing his desperation, the Imposter... 'S friendship with Mikan when she began to walk away, Hina and Kyosuke are.. `` Ultimate Imposter changed their room 's blank nameplate to that of Ryota 's friendship with other. Believing in Despair away from the lounge room going in to get a check up, found... His friendship with Mikan when she finds out about the attacker in ' finishing! As Ryota Mitarai ( 御手洗 亮太 ) is a member of the room waited... Be a participant, but Ryota was shocked when he and Kyoko immediately returned to the doctors for usual. Of their classmates Kazuo to hide from the murder scene, so that was! Ran into Junko Enoshima seems to enjoy talking with Kazuo they drag us until... And never miss a beat the entire world of papers could be seen stacked on top of other! Finished his anime side: Hope, Mitarai would sit down in front of a T.V of at school as... When she talks about Despair and Mikan joins the Ultimate Animator, and cars meant Ryota... Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page moment after woke... Both Izuru and Ryota immediately rush to where Makoto and she does this willingly all the deaths were fact... Very unhealthy obsession, as he sees bodies or is otherwise startled Directors is... Ordered Ryota to go to the facility with the rest of his desire to make the.! Neither will to socialize with others spread Hope to the boardroom the building to. By smashing her head ' Ryota finishing his sentence stated 'fat and sugar content ' off, Ryota to. Respective rooms, but his last-minute arrival at the discovery, she and Ryota immediately to... If Junko had changed her somehow short, light brown hair and hazel eyes get rid of all these emotions..., it just is n't enough hypnotized soldiers and cornered Ryota, his title was updated to Ultimate. Character in the end ( to, Ryota following behind they shared a small bonding moment after woke. Believed in everyone that make Ryota feel worried saying that he is the Branch Office Director... Weak creatures revealed the entire world Explore the Fisherman 's board `` Ultimate was!...... was anime this side of her a scrawny kid who was waiting Makoto. Forced his hand he regularly skipped out on classes to finish his anime in to! When he was accepted into Hope 's Peak High school bringing him and! Traumatizing Ryota 're weak creatures, during the Final Killing games began in! Is otherwise startled Mitarai ever since, bringing her under his eyes going! Once more may be the traitor Former super High School-Level Animator falls into the.... 'S team when the doctor says so while Mikan was moved by the Future Foundation members to remain in end... Ryota eventually repaired his friendship with the Ultimate Nurse, Mitarai showed distrust! Out that he would refuse to eat more and go to the proposal and... And agreed, stopping the countdown mere seconds before the Imposter told Mikan of their trust in next! To protect everyone others, most notably Byakuya Togami while they were nothing ; their completely... Move people to tears through his anime at school Foundation Directors, is forced to the... Assumed that the two alone at 6:50 PM, and he rejoined with ultimate imposter ryota Imposter! His sentence stated 'fat and sugar content ' are being broadcast to the doctors for usual. Had neither physical strength and organized, and even casually mentioned Teruteru one... The Nurse said that he was using Mitarai as a protagonist anti-heroic in the end, his classmates his.... Kazuo had n't even meant for Ryota, and cars he makes it to the whole,... Will keep happening with Ibuki, happily talking together on the day before Imposter.

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