She's already called a dealer and they are vey excited for us to demo a new one. Meridian has extended the bridge on the 341 Sedan to allow at least six people to cruise on high. 1 online truck marketplace. If the access is not there do not buy this boat, it will cost you an arm and a leg down the road to fix things. I think my fears are valid and justified. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. She has two large staterooms below, each with ensuite heads. 2007 Meridian 391 Sedan This 2007 391 Meridian is a perfect boat for traveling or cruising, she has Twin Cummins power and Bow and Stern Thrusters with a DOC option. amazon_ad_width="728"; Find Meridian 441 Sedan boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Probably the 441. If you were a dealer and willing to take my boat in trade, I'd do it. amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; amazon_ad_title="Hunting and Fishing"; //--> N/A due to limited resale activity. { I didn't like the fabric on the seats. amazon_ad_height="90"; He says that in his posts. amazon_ad_logo="hide"; I only do about 100 hours a year during the short northern boating season so I would never save enough money on fuel to justify the extra $60,000. Brunswick-owned Meridian Yachts were established in the US five years ago and now offer a range from 35ft to 60ft. amazon_color_border="206BA2"; 1989 Sea Ray 340 / 345 Sedan Bridge 34ft A Private Seller - $38,900 CAD. I would visit the meridian owners forum in Michaels link above before you make your mind up. Offering the best selection of Meridian boats to choose from. function go6() And your pocketbook will feel better too! { Why do we have flybridges on boats is a question proffered from time to time, especially by those who sell sportscruisers. I think in 2005 or 2006 was when they widened the hull. Compare the cost with yachts of a similar class and choose the offer that suits you best. The boat is slower with Diesels. At the mere close of a hatch, the Meridian 441 Sedan Bridge can separate the young 'uns from the oldies, the swingers from the lounge lizards, allowing one or the other to frolic upstairs in the expansive flybridge or down below in the equally accommodating saloon. 717-862-4251 × Save This Boat. The Salon and interior shows well and all of the soft goods are in very good condition as well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } I'm really happy he has posted the way it is though, even if it's got him in hot water.. BTW, we love the layout of the boat and we are not looking for a long distance cruiser or a go fast boat, just something to putter around the chesapeake in and overnight one or two nights a week. I suggest that you wait until you are ready to go even bigger and do it once. I would prefer the largest diesel engines available for the boat, T380's? or give me YOUR e-mail address? I don't think exploding un-reinforced, made in china raw water hoses were a marine max problem. View our full range of MERIDIAN 341 SEDAN Boats online at Meridian 341 … If anything, the smell of a new boat is horrible from all the resin. 391 Sedan. amazon_ad_width="728"; I'm sure the e-mails and phone calls will stop as soon as I mention we want to find a nice USED 341 instead of new... We went to MarineMax Bear in DE last year (or two) for a demo ride on the new 341, the wife loves it but I kinda disappointed in the power plan of that demo, don't remmember exactly what in it but they(MM) said we can get one with bigger engine for the same price. { After hours of taking things apart and scratching the hell out of my arm I was just able to reach in and feel the connection enough to tighten it but never actually SAW it.. I guess I shouldn't single out Meridian or Marinemax as the more I educate myself about cruisers, the more I understand this is just the way it is. location = document.selecter5.select5.options[document.selecter5.select5.selectedIndex].value function go5() if (document.selecter4.select4.options[document.selecter4.select4.selectedIndex].value != "none") if (document.selecter2.select2.options[document.selecter2.select2.selectedIndex].value != "none") Most of the 381's came with DOC, with that said most Meridian owners find that the thrusters are best used as an aid in leaving or returning to the dock on a limited basis, with the need for some lateral movement. Model-meridian-desktop. By Tom Thompson. The 341 probably is the new boat for us in the near future. This article originally appeared in the January 2005 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine. We don't plan any long trips but who knows, that could change in a few years. January 31, 2008. Meridian 341 Sedan . By Robert Stephens. Contact. Nov 6, 2013 - Meridian Yachts 341 Sedan (2014-) We’ve always been of the opinion that the Meridian 341 Sedan serves as an excellent platform for those making the move up from smaller boats to an actual cruising yacht. Of course Diesels are much better. It was a Bayliner 285. And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away. amazon_ad_logo="hide"; RO# 25437. but that may well put it out of my price range. location = document.selecter3.select3.options[document.selecter3.select3.selectedIndex].value function go2() I realize a survey BEFORE purchase is a must but I'm still scared to pull the trigger on this boat.. Any suggestions/comments to ease my fears? Prices and specifications supplied are for the market in Australia only and were correct at time of first publication. Also some of the finishing seemed cheap. When I read some of the threads here about bigger problems, ones I can't fix myself, and lack of dealer support on a brand new expensive cruiser I am turned off to buying a new Meridian 341 sedan bridge.. Model-meridian-desktop. So far I have refused to go. Do not believe them. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a bike, and read all the latest news and reviews. Meridian 441 Sedan Bridge. { "After reading many negative posts about the meridian 341 and dealer service issues". Save This Boat. REVIEW. I like the Meridians with cockpits. Google Meridian 341 Review and you can do your own research: 2006 Meridian 341 Sedan Bridge Obsession Newport Yacht Club, Jersey City, NJ Flotilla Commander USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 42 1SR: Homeport: Jersey City, NJ : Flutterby RO# 14378. Meridian 341 Sedan Bridge. location = document.selecter4.select4.options[document.selecter4.select4.selectedIndex].value As tested with options, including the Cummins diesels, Onan generator, air-conditioning, bimini top, flybridge fridge, central vacuum system and TV and DVD, it retailed at $436,611. Related. I just was hoping when you spend 10x as much you got a better product and support to match.. Find Meridian 341 Sedan boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. ", " Too expensive to run them, or not worth the hassle of getting underway. Still curious about what the negatives are? Select your engine size if different than the included engine size below. function go4() These are just some of the features that make the new 580 Pilothouse a great flagship for Meridian. Posted - Jun 29 2009 : 12:37:51 . To each of own of course. Very cool! } (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After reading many negative posts about the meridian 341 and dealer service issues, I am having to tell the wife I don't think a new Meridian would be such a grand idea. Model-meridian-desktop. Easy enough to actually FIX things, but getting to them is the problem.. We had a pressurized water system leak in the head at the sink. Boatsales makes no warranty as to the accuracy of specifications or prices. By. Just think about the mess Obama inherit this time. TIC, I know how that feel, my wife has been bugging me for years about the Meridian 341 and I keep pushing it back and back, I told her we'll get one but not this year (and I kept repeated it every year), I often wonder why we never see the large boats on our lake anwywhere but in their slips.. more (See less) Engine Note. We’ve always been of the opinion that the Meridian 341 Sedan serves as an excellent platform for those making the move up from smaller boats to an actual cruising yacht. . . location = document.selecter1.select1.options[document.selecter1.select1.selectedIndex].value I guess that was a stupid question.. I looked at the Meridian 341. First 341 6.2 and now 368 diesel. Nice boat. That's why there are so many boats to choose from. Take a moment to review all the recent $35,000 in updates. Don't stretch yourself, remember the bigger the boat the bigger the "on going expense" , forget about the payment, gas, dockage, storage, winterazation, repairs, insurance, the list just goes on. 30 Jul 2005, 15:04 Boat Reviews/Brochures Tim Banse, Motorboating & Yachting Magazine Tags: Sedan Bridge Yacht Reviews, Meridian 341 Review 0 … $199,999 (Sale Pending) Seller Union Marine 31. You'll burn at least double the amount of gas you are now, maybe triple. { I don't think he was interested in my offer but he might be as the summer goes by. Meridian Yachts Note. Recently Meridian did some prop hull modifications to all 341's. TIC.......check your e-mail, I e-mailed you some information I think you need. The wife loves the Meridian and I have grown fond of it as well. { Meridian calls their 341 Sedan a “compact cruiser with a big yacht attitude.” We like to think of her more as a “starter motoryacht.” The builder’s designers have tasked themselves with creating a functional cruising boat for two couples or a family, packing in many amenities found on far larger yachts, for an affordable price. One of my slip-neighbors had a 368, it's really nice. amazon_color_border="206BA2"; Australia’s No.1 place to buy, sell and research new and used farm machinery and livestock. Thanks for the posts guys, You can tell the character of a man by the way he treats those who can't help him. amazon_ad_link_target="new"; Meridian 341 … Buy, sell or hire new and used trucks, buses and equipment at Australia's No. Model-meridian-desktop. He's been very pleased with it, no issues that I'm aware of. Find Meridian 391 Sedan boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Good points, I'd never make up the $$$ for the diesels as we would likely only do 50-75 hours a year. I think used is the way to go for me. 2012. ". amazon_ad_tag="boatfixnet-20"; Meridian 341 Sedan Bridge Page 4. { Lot's of negative press for MarineMax and Oceanspray's posts have me shivering in fear of buying a new Meridian.. 4. { function go3() The Meridian 341 flybridge cruiser is priced from $361,890 with twin 6.2lt, 320hp MerCruisers. Motorboating brings you a first look at the Meridian 341, the debut yacht in a brand-new line from one of the biggest boat manufacturing groups in the U.S. Luck was being a lady today. { Docking’s a big deal to me, mostly because back when my wife and I were living in Connecticut and I was struggling to learn how to dock midrange cruisers, parking the darn things scared the livin’ daylights out of me. ... Meridian 341 Sedan. location = document.selecter2.select2.options[document.selecter2.select2.selectedIndex].value Browse our library for Meridian boat tests and video reviews - 2012 Meridian 541 Sedan,2011 Meridian 341 Sedan,2010 Meridian 541 Sedan,2009 Meridian 341 Sedan,2006 Meridian 459,2006 Meridian 381 Sedan - Page 1 of 1 I am going to suggest that... No such thing as a new boat smell.. Meridian Launched Meridian 391 Sedan Bridge Review. TIC, to me, even if the deal is good on the 6.2, I'd still pass, I've drove the 6.2 before and I'd rather have the 8.1 or Diesel. Unlike many other boats in her class, the Meridian 391 Sedan Bridge combines amenities with performance. He eventually escalated to the right people, and to my knowledge, everything was taken care of to his satisfaction. Median 391 Sedan Bridge: cleverly designed spaces warrant a round of applause. This whole "upgrade the boat" thing is getting to be a huge financial pressure.. We upgraded from a bowrider two years ago.. Now we are in a small express cruiser, now she wants a Meridian!!!.. amazon_color_logo="FFFFFF"; location = document.selecter6.select6.options[document.selecter6.select6.selectedIndex].value amazon_ad_tag="nhknives-20"; { On windy days the thrusters are somewhat under powered and more boating control would be with the use of the engines. Frankly, I was shocked and apalled by the lack of support for our 50k.... 25 foot glastron GS-259. Quantity of … July 19, 2006. I have cold feet now too.. My little glastron cruiser had some initial issues, mostly dealer related that I had to address myself. Don't waste your time and money on a new boat. The Meridian 391 Sedan represents the ultimate cruising experience, even for novices, writes David Lockwood. We are on our second Meridian in as many years. Locate Meridian boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! The 341 Sedan was among the most affordable flybridge yachts in her class. You can steal a used one; if you want to move up in a few years (and you will) you will not take the hit as if you bought new. As far as I know he has fixed all of his issues. No e-mail from you ocean spray?.. Find a gently used one, to your wife's liking, and you will both be happy. can you re-send? Buy tyres online and save up to 50% off RRP. I'm pretty sure he's happy with the boat. Author: PMY Editors Updated: Sep 19, 2017 Original: Jan 18, 2005. The hull now gets out of the water and up on plane faster without the use of trim tabs. At the mere close of a hatch, the Meridian 441 Sedan Bridge can separate the young 'uns from the oldies, the swingers from the lounge lizards, allowing one or the other to frolic upstairs in the expansive flybridge or down below in the equally accommodating saloon. amazon_color_link="206BA2"; Source: Power & Motoryacht Magazine. doesn't stop me from WANTING them though.. :). ... 341 Sedan. So your making this judgment based on one persons experience? And then they discovered a Meridian 341. David Lockwood spends a day onboard the family-friendly cruiser - typical cruising family included, New & Used Boat Sales - Find Boats For Sale Online - I read the negative stuff right here on boatered.. Advertisement. I'd buy it right now for that price if I thought I could sell my 341. } It moves pretty good from what I've seen. .it's ELEVEN FOOT ITIS. Ocean Spray isn't the only one with complaints.. Locate Meridian boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! Large selection of options and best price offers on Meridian 341 Sedan from the owner of the vessel. } Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a car, and read all the latest news and reviews. I would drop ocean spray a note and get his opinion. He stepped up from a 27' Four Winns from what I recall. That's an incredible deal. 1 online earthmoving marketplace. Almost. But it will be a bigger boat. Optional engines include 425-hp and 480-hp Cummins diesels with optional Zeus pod drives. ( I flipped and switched the bunks, moved them in a little, problem solved.. Bimini supports were installed backwards, tear in cockpit cover, shower sump problems, wrong anodes, busted aft berth window surround, etc.

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