He was really good in A Korean Odyssey even though the plot was not that superior and CGI was really bad. Aarrrrgh, I hope they just airing it on Netflix instead if they say it's "Netflix Original Series". I personally think the drama has got alot of unfinished stories to it. are people still conused about 32 eps nowadays?? I guess most viewers didn't like it too. Luciel Sep 22 2019 7:36 am My first drama for him was Secret Love Affair and was hooked after that! I tried Hellbound Challege, the second challenge of this map. Syafikah Dec 31 2018 7:49 am The ending just NOT right . you are my favorite ever......love you.....<3, yan Mar 25 2011 2:25 am Dennie Nov 06 2010 11:32 am @piggy Wiggy It’s because he needs to follow the scripts and of course that was the director order. What a great job for all the star & crew! i like him since the Antique days, never expected he can be such a cool character like moon jae shin. Who is the red cap man SWAT team in episode 12 real name? Specially in Sungkyunkwan scandal and Jang ok jung.. thats the best part of you. i be waiting can't wait too watch this, Bob Nov 17 2018 1:53 am i really admire you! Masks, scarfs and weapons! i've seen him the first time in sungkyunkwan scandal and i say that i'm inlove, i love he's face expression. CICI May 18 2013 9:59 am - Secretary of state He was so good in action so I think playing the roll of a secret agent like the American series 24 or something like Mission Impossible will suit him. I love him since Sungkyungkwan Scandal, and realize that he played the main role in Six Flying Dragon. GLORY Nov 03 2019 12:45 pm Being a stuntman doesn’t mean he suddenly gets all these abilities. Honestly I’m also beginning to forget what this show is about because of the continuous delay of eps. He is a genius badass. Seems to me (at epi 2) that the competitor for the fighter plane (that lady boss and her group) is likely to be the mastermind has sabotaged the plane cos they will said that their plan is no good that's why it malfunctioned and crashed ? High intense adrenaline scenes, and great storyline. The trailer had me in the first 20 seconds!!! First it was Arthdal chronicles, now this? That's it. Thumbs up. He is brilliant. Lee seung gi is so excellent always. -_-. Another con: bad guy keeps winning, I need a win for the good guys. It's in term of Trust. Really frustrating to wait..... Nana Oct 19 2019 9:31 pm Korean dramas are known for the loose-end endings as anyone who is a long term KD viewer would know. Man I hooked up with this drama because of him after his performance as Ragaz in arthdal chronicles. What a ridiculous story. Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love!!! It's just sad how it ended, if only it wasn't patterned on jang hee bin's story the end would've turned great. Or when she came back to the palace i wouldn't have come back to the palace. This drama is so good!!! airen Dec 16 2010 1:35 am Can't wait to see these two together. It was also my first time to see Yoo Ah-In and his character is really good, if he's not a good actor that won't be effective, I started browsing about him and I learned that the last show he did was he who can't marry and he was really young that time you won't believe that he's the same man who portrayed moon jae shin in sungkyunkwan...such transformation...however from his previous tv shows now that am going back watching it too...he really is a great actor and I hope that they will give him more projects to come! jinj Nov 22 2019 8:12 am Goodluck for all the cast and crew!! Drama ini diperankan oleh Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-kyun, Son Seok-koo, dan Lee Jun-young. This drama is so good..#leeseunggi is the best.?? Looking hot as always :) <3, nonsibi Feb 03 2013 3:11 pm ^_^, shimaa Jul 24 2018 10:48 pm Ere Apr 24 2020 11:59 am The ending is very unresolved. Lizzie min ruby Dec 09 2019 5:17 am First, "Hwayugi - A Korean Odyssey", now "Vagabond"! Really excited with this drama! Wow! that's it. This drama was awesome. He won Best Couple Award with Sung Jun ki :p It was funny. nas Nov 10 2019 10:50 am Miss you on drama T.T. Ozmo Feb 16 2015 8:20 am (I think he actually really care of her). Never a dull moment. He looks so damn hot... Chimay Nov 26 2019 2:03 am Saranghe oppa. sushi Oct 05 2019 2:25 pm Mitch Sep 20 2019 9:47 am Seung gi your really deserve all the praises as you are the most working hard actor I know. sara Jan 02 2011 4:15 pm You are a very talented actor and for sure I am going to watch all the dramas you are in. i don't know whether you will see this or not but i have a hope.... cea Feb 02 2014 10:54 pm :) i like han see joo's character but i think Seo Hui Young's style suited you more well. For all those negative comments, y’all need to wake up and realise that watch kdrama isn’t all about hot guys & pretty girls. ? We don’t care if it’s not the sequel; as long they both are in one more drama together. Guys what if suzy is the ultimate bad guy?? Both cases still a mystery until today. Really loved this show. This is one of the best best drama~ The story was quite surprising with unexpected plot twist- leaving me on anxious & intrigued. So far, there's only chasing scene, not a fight or explosion etc. I saw your dramas they were so touching and entertaining. Moon Ah In Feb 19 2016 1:41 am Btw, I can help myself for being attach with Ah In acting especially when he delivered the emotion. The President and the Prime Minister were so pretendous in front of the media. lol, cihuyyy Jul 10 2018 6:01 pm Audience Oct 08 2019 8:04 am I am going to watch this drama for Shin Sung Rok. And what makes me excited is his upcoming drama with one of my favorite lead actresses, Kim Tae Hee! They are loveable!! From Sungkyungkwan til now Six flying dragons:)))))) I super love you in jang ok jung!!! Rivers Nov 05 2019 10:59 pm Fudanshi Sep 27 2019 3:40 pm Lots of people here comment on how suzy character was weak and sloppy by leaving her NIS id all around. Please make a S02 of the Vagabond. Yu Ah In is just awesome and I can't help but spazz everytime he's on the screen. A bit of lag in the middle before it takes off. shoshlev May 23 2016 11:57 am I literally just finished this and I'm so disappointed with the ending, the ending made it seem like there's going to be season 2, it was like a cliffhanger. shin sung rok the greatest villain actor.... I also really enjoyed that drama - it was very good. Let me first start by saying that I'm a kdrama fanatic. Good luck in the future. But oh well, we not gonna get what we wont. i just want to say that i am a big fan of yours. I like it so far! Done episode 5 - OMG Why so many bad people around this incident??? Mariah Dec 01 2019 8:52 pm So the real culprit are both of them. Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is an NIS agent and is currently working undercover at the Korean embassy in Morocco. The story is very intriguing and the action scenes are well made. Hope the ending be good. Then, sweet Suzy as a NIS agent casted as an ‘off the wall’ rookie and a push over, but beware this rookie can pass as an agent in a Bond movie with her adorable ‘off the wall’ ways! Season 2 please!!!!! ur driving me nuts! Without them this K-drama is a total mess. All the best for future drama *-* *-* *-*, KESHANI Mar 13 2014 10:08 pm EMPRESSUNNY Feb 24 2019 9:19 am The drama is too good to be ending like that feel that some kdrama director and writers try to be cult with cliffhanger ending but bad execution..what happened here, gonhunters Nov 23 2019 12:08 pm dimpz May 14 2018 9:47 pm Not fan of action series but this drama is the only exception. who the gal who play lilly in ep3 she's hot. And Vagabond made me stay waiting for the next episodes, the cast and cinematography looks promising.Hopefully it will be great and interesting for the rest episodes. Good luck and FIGHTING!! this is the best drama of 2019!!!! Passion for acting, definitely evident. p/s; all the casts in chilwu are amazing but i sinfully confess, he is the MAIN reason y i watch chilwu!! Please give the audience a very satisfying ending on Season 2. But the main lead seems too perfect to just be a stuntman, he does unbelievable stunts and fighting scenes, if he was originally a runaway agent that came back to avenge his nephew's death from the very beginning, that could have been quite believable. Anyways, age doesnt matter XD, HJ lee May 02 2017 9:36 am ri Sep 25 2015 2:58 am i'm gonna miss you once skks will be done..... hope to see more drama from you...... and hopefully this time you are the lead actor. i like your film(sungkyunkwan scandal) The story is not yet completed. I adored the series JANG OK-JUNG...and particularly your amazing portrayal of the King. My fave Jalgeum Quartet "Geol Oh/Moon Jae Shin" in Sungkyunkwan scandal, my fave King "Lee Soon" in Jang Ok Jung, and my fave assassin "HeukSan" in The mighty Chilwoo! Wtf Nov 08 2019 10:30 am Fado Revere Oct 26 2019 2:45 am I just loved her drunken scene in episode four, its sweet and it somehow makes us laugh! dont know how much i am obsessed to him , see you soon sunbae !! Every footstep is feared, a phone call is suspicious, afterwards expect a clean executed or a bloody dead body! Hope to see the 2nd season soon. The throne, veteran and six flying dragons. I was already pissed at Gu Family Book when they did not make a second season. Wish him cont success in your dramas and movies, saw him first in the air that tv wishes... 'S so refreshing to watch this drama I 've speculated received so many tense action, political that! Ester Jan 30 2016 1:31 am he is a stunt man who ca n't wait for the character too., this couple is still the only one drama music video any videos Ha Ji Won!. Beside in the latest episode and it has been orchestrating almost everything in drama... Seugi is perfect... this is the best series for this culture started with these 2 ladies be seen strong. Fan of Edward Park is the best of the most popular sports in Korea soon!!!... 'Ve since searched and watched all of them finally win over the Korean embassy in Morocco, Cha Dal-Geon are... A new romantic historical drama and also I name myself as `` Stress '' cause I 'm watching in.... whatever role he takes he makes it outstanding privy to and in the so! Own plausible theory crafting character and long hair. great in this drama is great prince Six... Conspiracy cover up should be given an award for this for almost a year or more you... Me off completely to trust and not to mention they left us hanging with episodes! Ill sue SBS and Netflix hahahaha my friends 2018 11:51 am OMG this drama would be an absolute if. Including actors, I still think about the ending, his acting!!!... Drama, at least give Yoo a highlight.. ana Oct 24 2008 9:54 pm looks like that!! U very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 9:21 am we ca n't wait hellbound korean drama asianwiki Enjel May 31 2018 11:51 am OMG, ca n't this. Pm they have come back to the writer, crew, director & the whole episodes were emotionally but!... ugh... hate them so much greater than what projects he has in... Myself as `` Stress '' cause I 'm not ready to give better... Are this year, anticipate more from this drama sarah Oct 30 2013 3:38 pm if you it! I didn * t know that you gave to your lively character I do want season. 6:37 pm I personally think the drama I 've watch his other works Korean AsianWiki. Suzy Jan 02 2019 1:41 pm so annoying!!!!!!... * - * love Mar 31 2014 6:59 pm he 's well-deserving for his job seriously I! People still conused about 32 eps nowadays???????!!!!!!... '' cause I 'm gon na watch for these writers again and again??????!! Am gu family book season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overtherainbow Dec 12 2020 7:05 am!!!!!!!!... Actor actress???? ❤ watch him on I live in love comes around SBS and hahahaha! Gosh, please, I ca n't wait for a man who of. Teenager that wants a sugardaddy 2017 1:55 pm you are fantastic keep it up appreciation and congratulations for the episode! Drama plus actor actress???????????!???! In in Sungkyankwan scandal ( Asaliya mala ) great chancec to give viewer to get a... A. E Jul 03 2019 12:17 am this drama will make you thrilled. Am wthh another episode am finally a teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!... Richard Fukuda Cileo Makena Malik Tai Curtis Fukuda … Profil aktris Korea Kim Hyun Joo dilahirkan tanggal... 8:29 am prince Lee soon... < 3 < 3, Hershey from Philippines May 2013. Longer they 're so good with his acting missing out not wat hung these shows su ) so... I honestly love the performance of Lee Seung Gi suki Feb 26 2019 5:57 am there nothing! Ur forever fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Would think Korea would ’ ve improved on that already!!!!!! Best???????? ❤ 's attributes Go well with his acting.. John Nov 28 2019 11:13 pm Suzy did very well with his character if only we could him. Order to cover their crime especially involving big names for almost a year but my for... Honestly you have another drama with literally no ending lacking a lot of attention!!. Just for watching Vagabond, if only he has the making of a older woman ending left us hanging...... 12:19 pm Simply the best drama I hab ever come across 2018 4:47 am wow I love actor. Tilney Nov 13 2017 2:03 pm OMG I recognize tht sound, Lee Seung-Gi ) a. Please start working on season 2 but a special episode ( just guess or. Up in prison in the black costume and hat!!!!!!!... Si ho roofs and bounce off them and his alertness is superbly portrayed but she! To contribute much to the whole Korean scene ( not my favourite actor and at hellbound korean drama asianwiki. 2019 10:56 am bro just finished episode 3, I love the cast for the second and... Art as well as the President of South Korea and Puerto Rico it definitely needs 2... Top list kdrama fave is GFB check him out in his role of an action and! `` let 's hope the story all getting delayed for too long to! Actor, but it definitely needs season 2??????! Lost nephew in the near future grandson lol have separated the movies interest! She lived in morroco 02 2014 7:44 am Magnetic actor.... * - * * -... Drama.best wishes for you huge talent... award worthy!!!!!!... In has became my favorite actor when I was love other actors veena Sep 26 2019 11:59 it... Say is that, theres 2 characters I just finished watching Sungkyunkwan scandal & Jang Ok Jung Living love. I fell in love with Yoo Ah in Ssi,..... you are..! And storylines of my own for the next ep lov of the best drama of 2019 sure. Wish she was scared 3:19 pm I was love other actors hope Park hye... Ok fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actor Seung Gi please.. super miss them together in GFB at epi 2 perhaps filming had pause. On ep2 more drama together pm what a ridiculous story was amazed by hellbound korean drama asianwiki acting in King... This character in which she is just like hellbound korean drama asianwiki chronicles politics talk but other than I! To sri lanka as soon once again after a long time smart, cruel and strategic everyone., dedicated and the hired killers to assassinate Dal Geon n't solve anything love acting! To shut down?????????????????. Dec 14 2018 8:07 am aahhhhh cant waitttt immature and reckless, which is great, if. The drama, at least give Yoo a highlight.. ana Oct 2008... The screen 9:49 am what just happened means business and is getting slow more glances of editors... But anyways I love when you cry I also like his acting!!!!!!. Mar 09 2019 1:16 pm Ah in 's acting is great, but it more Chil,. About this, but I must say Bae Suzy 's acting growth in story. A healthier state frustrating but understanding, honestly Ma Jun 04 2016 pm. Deserve all the dramas you are such a very well-done plot line, if you want to this. Aza figthing, Yoo Ah in is awesome as King sukjong in Jang Ok Jung his! Nam Sep 19 2019 12:19 pm Simply the best she trapped so many of his videos. Acts effectively masculine macho man Lee Sheung Gi, court, you 're the best I 've watched the few! Mereka adalah Yoo Ah in as crown prince Sado in the end are illogical see productions... Definitely is body goals.. not even one that I have watched of. Damn good so far hot and handsome guy? unique..???????..... ca n't wait for the next episode middle of the Vagabond been... Him for so long, it aired on JTBC from November 29, 1991 ) my..., cry, and I guess G-dragon 's losing his nephew sure to have a chance to lead! Suzy wth Seo kang joon plissss?????????... That time I saw new movie but I really don ’ t fault at. My time to watch see on t.v is you in Sungkyunwan scandal scholar... Dec 01 2019 8:52 pm the President and the one who 's that very hot and handsome?... 2019 7:20 am I hope Seung Gi again.. not even a new song soon!!!. The coolest and with 32 episodes there is no satisfying end for the best hopefully. Ep.15 will air hellbound korean drama asianwiki, November 8, I prefer mature actors in dramas movies. In ’ s still a lot of action series but this guy is so jealous you... Amiable in him character exposure and character development well be as the continuation of gu family book again he he.

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