Like a bird let loose, his horse leaped forward. The sentences seem to roll, like the sea that is mentioned, perhaps. 130. 114. Syntax . Your sentences must do the following: Contain a context clue to demonstrate your full understanding of the word’s meaning. The independent clause is followed by … LOOSE Examples: The dog is running loose in the streets. This independent or main clause provides the main idea that is expressed in a simple and direct manner. 179. Declarative sentences make statements and end with periods: I am planning to drop Agricultural Economics. Follow the sentence pattern as indicated These jeans are loose around my waist. She is wearing a loose dress. LOOSE Definition and Examples. Loose sentence examples. See more. In English, we have three types of sentences: simple, compound and complex. I think the sentences leading up to the final sentence create a soothing effect. Sentence Purpose Sentences can do different things. suffusion. Each is better in particular situations. The purpose of another sentence may be to pose a question. Example #2) The Great Gasby by F. Scott Fitzgerald- "Halfway between West Egg and New York City sprawls a desolate plain, a This mirrors Nick’s pause as he listens. I. I can't afford to loose any of them at this point. The worker battened down the loose windows. Loose is used as an adjective and a verb. Loose sentences which are composed of too many dependent clauses become stringy. 161. 333. 103. 202. Ironically, these similarities are among the reasons why these sentences are apart from each other. Complex sentences join an independent clause with a dependent clause. A cumulative sentence, which is also known as a “loose sentence”, is a sentence that starts with an independent clause or main clause. These interrogative sentences ask questions and end with question marks: Periodic Sentences Are a Form of Anastrophe Periodic sentences are a form of anastrophe, which is the deliberate changing of normal word order, usually to create emphasis or another rhetorical effect. effrontery. After the independent or main clause, the subordinate elements or modifiers are added. 88. The purpose of some sentences is to make statements. Or when one of us gets loose and kills you. (A rhetorical effect is any effect that elicits a response from the … The images are presented in long, slow sentences that create the effect of a lull. Contrast these sentences with short, simple sentences. ingress. As an adjective, it is used to describe things that are not tightly fitted. These sentences are used to show a particular kind of relationship—usually a stronger idea joined to a weaker idea, or a controlling idea joined to a secondary,… Not being able to speak normally is a side effect of the antidepressant bupropion. loose. Both periodic and loose sentence is made up of the same components: supporting clauses and main clauses. Loose sentences—A sentence grammatically complete at some point (or points) before the end; the opposite of a periodic sentence. Cut him loose with a GPS tag. Part 2 – Use the following words to write 5 original sentences that follow a loose sentence structure: aversion. Periodic sentence definition, a sentence that, by leaving the completion of its main clause to the end, produces an effect of suspense, as in Unable to join the others at the dance because of my sprained ankle, I went to a movie. As a verb, it means to release. Works Cited Example #3) Halloween is the best holiday in existence, with children's creative costumes, masks, the delicious candy, and spooky decorations. irreparable.

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